Dorothee Komangapik
started Uqausivut in 1994 in Iqaluit NU

Uqausivut’s History

To accommodate part-time evening training and contracts with the Northwest Territories, and later, the Nunavut Governments, I, Dorothee Komangapik, formed this micro-business in the Municipality of Iqaluit, Nunavut Territory, in order to accommodate my part-time instruction and contracts with the Northwest Territory and Nunavut governments. I had received official permission by Nunavut Arctic College to conduct Uqausivut as a business while in their employ.


Uqausivut’s Aim

The aim of this business is to assist adults, especially Inuit, to achieve their goals individually and in organizations. Uqausivut focuses on project development and support, education and training, personal development and clearly written communications. Uqausivut is prepared to create learning materials and provide instruction and facilitation. Other services include proposal writing, writers’ support services (coaching, proofreading and editing), report and creative writing, as well as research projects. 


Please see "Projects, Manucripts" for the types of services Uqausivut provides. For my professional qualifications and history, see "Biography".


Uqausivut’s Special Interests

“Uqausivut” is an Inuktitut (Inuit language) word meaning “our words” in English ("nos mots" in French). I used this word for the title of the first adult literacy handbook I wrote. The name of my business reflects my ongoing interest in furthering Inuit story-telling, arts and cultural traditions.


Uqausivut draws on my extensive adult educational, social and cultural experience with Inuit of the Baffin Region of Canada's Territory.